Creative Solutions for Sellers

Listings are selling.

This is important to remember and then carefully look at what it is in your area that has sold and why when preparing your listing for market. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable about the market conditions and recent sales in your communities. She combines this knowledge base with two other very important aspects: Staging and Marketing.

She utilizes a professional organizer and applies this to setting the stage for your home to sell. Potential buyers need a clean palette with which to visualize themselves in the home and how it will fit into their own lifestyle. Jackie can help you declutter, position furniture, and stage your home in order to play up your homes best features and have it show its best.

Creative marketing is essential because no home is the same. In a market where there can be months with high inventory you want your home to stand out. Jackie has experience marketing homes so that this goal is achieved. She will be sure that every possible marketing tool is utilized and that your home is given prime positioning on Zillow, Trulia,, Yahoo, and  just to name a few. She also develops her own customized direct mail campaigns for her listings and ensures that your home receives the highest quality of photography and brochures. Her precision and creativity are crucial in the fine art of real estate.